Training Team

Our Training Team

Our aim is to train people who are passionate about health and wellbeing, both to look after themselves and to enable them to help others.

Hazel Bate, Director

Hazel Bate photoAs part of RFLI Hazel’s focus is training and supporting RFL trained teachers to go on from their training to actively help others. She values questions from teachers and responding to their needs to help them move forward with their work. Feedback from teachers on how their work is progressing is always a pleasure to receive.

Hazel’s early career was 23 years in the oil industry in challenging but enjoyable work. After developing some long term health issues herself, a Relaxation for Living course was recommended to her which was life transforming for her health. Hazel switched to health related work after realising how simple and practical tools could make such a difference to people’s health. She has found it rewarding seeing clients equally transformed ever since.


  • Relaxation for Living Teacher (RFL)
  • Self Management UK / Expert Patients Programme CIC Course Tutor for Chronic Disease Self-Management
  • Self Management Patient Courses Assessor
  • CPCAB Certificate in Counselling Skills (Level 2)
  • Faster EFT (Emotionally Focussed Transformations) (Level 2)

Alicia Ridout, Training Designer


Alicia qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1989 and has over 25 years of experience encompassing working in industry, the NHS, private healthcare and the 3rd sector. She has significant experience working with people in a wide range of settings across the UK in particular in mental health, delivering service improvement projects and is passionate about patient and carer involvement in care. She successfully completed an MSc focused on professional health care and her health and social care research project was published in a peer reviewed publication, the British Journal of Occupational Therapy in 2006. She has been involved in bereavement work for over 20 years and trained as a Stress Management and Relaxation Teacher, accredited by the University of Greenwich, in 1996. This subsequently led to her designing and delivering a training course for teachers to support delivery of her open access, general public 4 session course currently delivered by RFLI and their licensed teachers. This was defined using the unique formulation from original Relaxation for Living materials, a vast experience in mental health and a passion for health improvement in line with NICE guidelines and best evidence based practice.

Diana Bovington, Lead Trainer

Diana Bovington photo

Diana is a Healthcare Professional Registered Occupational Therapist and has been qualified as a Relaxation for Living Teacher from 1997. From 2008 onwards, Diana was recruited as a Consultant with Relaxation for Living, training delegates to become Relaxation for Living Teachers.

As the lead Relaxation for Living Trainer, Diana teaches Anatomy and Physiology of Stress, Physical Relaxation techniques and how to teach the 4 session Relaxation For Living Programme.

She has kept up to date in stress management including completing an 8 week mindfulness course in 2016. Diana has further extended her skill in stress management training by studying and gaining a qualification in skills based counselling.

In 2015 Diana was recruited as a trainer for the Royal College of Occupational Therapy Independent Specialist Section. From 2016 she has presented ‘Look Before you Leap’ at the National Conference for Independent Occupational Therapists and on RCOT SSIP organised training days.

Diana is a member of the BAOT specialist sections for independent and neurological practice, and is a member of the Trent committee having previously held the position of chair and regional representative for the neurological OT specialist section. Diana is also a member of the Nottingham Traumatic brain injury service special interest group, the East Midlands Back Exchange and the Association of Healthcare Trainers AoHT

Diana maintains a high level of professional development, researching new methods of treatment, attending courses and seminars. Diana is also a complimentary therapist offering stress management and relaxation training on a group or one to one basis. She is also a qualified reflexologist and thermo-auricular therapist.

Qualifications / Registered:

  • Qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1989 registered with the HCPC
  • 1992 CSCT certificate in Skills Counselling
  • In 1997 Diana qualified as a Relaxation for Living teacher (RFL)
  • 2008 Consultant for Relaxation for Living Ltd as a trainer for teachers in the RFL method.
  • City and Guilds Adult Education Teachers certificate.
  • Patient handling trainer, completing the week-long People Handler Key Worker Certificate, including train the trainer section. Maintained qualification with ongoing updates, most recently University Hospitals of North Midlands.
  • Diploma in Reflexology and Hopi ear candles
  • Visual display screen assessor
  • Adult safeguarding alerter’s train the trainer; Multi agency Training for alerters cascade training.