Stress At Work

Stress at Work

Research shows that the most common causes of stress and unhappiness in the workplace are:

  • Feeling you are under-qualified for the job
  • Feeling you are over-qualified for the job
  • Too much work
  • Too little work
  • Poor management
  • Having different beliefs and values from your employers
  • People poisoning, when you feel you have no escape from the people around you.

These can lead to :

  • Problems in relationships with your manager and your colleagues
  • Unclear or confused work roles
  • Overload
  • Boredom
  • Conflicting demands
  • Feeling that the demands of the job are outside of your control


This may be followed by feelings of helplessness and your performance falls, resulting in yet more anxiety all of which can seriously undermine your health. And all these problems are being taken home with you.

How can Relaxation for Living & More help you?

Ask about our Business Programme. Relaxation for Living & More Ltd offers tailored training, workshops and talks to businesses and organisations, to help staff manage stress better both at work and at home. Our training helps staff to feel more in control and have more energy.

Alternatively our Relaxation and Stress Management short courses with simple, practical self-help techniques can help.

Contact us via our Contacts page to see if there is an RFLI licensed teacher near you to attend one of their courses.

You could also try our DVD or CD products which include tension easing exercises and relaxation techniques to help.