Stress and Exhaustion

Everyone feels tired sometimes, but the exhaustion which results from sleeping difficulties, depression, illness or disease is a different matter altogether. Stress can be a real cause of exhaustion, as tension or anxiety can stop you sleeping properly.

Exhaustion can lead to:

  • Health problems
  • Unsatisfactory work performance
  • Irritability
  • Difficult relations with family and friends

How can Relaxation for Living & More help you?

We can’t stop stressful events occurring in our lives, but we can minimise their exhausting effects by learning some of the RFLI techniques to ease tension and manage our anxiety better. Learning these techniques help to build up a reserve of energy, feel more in control of your life, sleep better and feel better.

Our Relaxation and Stress Management short courses use simple, practical, self-help techniques.

Contact us via our Contacts page to see if there is an RFLI  licensed teacher near you to attend one of their courses.

Alternatively you could try our DVD or CD products which include tension easing exercises and relaxation techniques to help.