Client Feedback

Client Feedback

RFL Tailored Business Workshops and Talks

  • “I felt like a different person in a matter of weeks. I could think clearly again.
    – Overworked business executive“
  • “Best teacher inset training day ever. We will be recommending it to other local schools. - Head teacher and staff, Cardiff school teacher training day.”
  • “Very useful. Can build into classroom routines for the benefit of staff and pupils. - Cardiff head teacher”
  • “I feel very confident now in organising life better and knowing how to reduce stress and tension. The relaxation techniques really helped my sleeping problem. – Cardiff teacher”
  • “Excellent practical strategies linked to well explained theory, which increases confidence in them and the motivation to use them. “
  • “I can see this supporting me in my daily life and work, and calming me in stressful situations.”
  • “It was useful learning about different techniques on how to deal with situations and reduce stress levels.”
  • “The talk was brilliant. I’m using the techniques and sleeping a lot better.”
  • “I took a lot from the course and will continue to use what I learnt to improve my working and home life.” – SAS employee

RFL Client Courses

  • “It was an eye opening course – Multi tasking mum”
  • “The course has made me realise that I don’t have to make a massive change to help me manage my anxiety and stress levels. Making small changes regularly can have a much greater effect overall”
    - Georgia W, Team supervisor
  • “24 hour caring can be very stressful especially when working alone. Learning ways of managing stress has changed my life around. I can now care for my clients in any situation, knowing I can use the de-stressing systems I have been taught.” - Jo Johnson-Marshall, Professional Carer.”

  • “I turned up to my first driving test and got into the car with my legs shaking and heart pounding! I failed within the first 5 minutes of my test. After help from RFL and using their techniques, I turned up to my second test in a lot better frame of mind. I felt relaxed, comfortable and focused on my driving. I passed with only three minors. I cannot thank RFL enough.”
  • “RFL has given me practical, easy, every day techniques that work to deal with stress. It enabled me to understand what stress is, what causes it, to change my perception of it and how I can manage it. - Rebecca G”
  • “Being an A grade student, panic attacks during my exams took me by surprise. The course broke the cycle of anxiety and fear that had become part of my life. It was more practical than other help I’ve tried.”
    - LSE university student
  • “I sought the help of Relaxation for Living at the Vineyard in Richmond when working for a large international company with increasing levels of pressure and stress. The classes completely transformed my approach to work and helped me to cope with distressing symptoms being experienced. Penny Wade was the RFL teacher at the time but has since died. I cannot speak highly enough of how much the Relaxation for Living practises helped me in my own life and would be happy to advocate their work to anyone.”
    - Raymond Marshall
  • “The course was brilliant. It helped my 14 year old daughter return to school. The CD is excellent and will keep me going. An essential course for life and a very good investment.”
  • “The practical techniques were really useful to help with stress. “
  • “I really enjoyed the course. It helped me to make use of the techniques. It also helped me to feel positive in a time that was quite intense.” - Rachael K
  • “Lots of preparation and effort has been put into the course structure and is all very valuable in helping us to recognise and deal with various stress levels.” – Ginny W, Company director
  • “The relaxation was wonderful and really helped me. - Fulltime carer”
  • “The course was very helpful and made a big difference. I would recommend it to anyone.”
  • “I find myself more confident in my abilities to cope with the unease associated with my PhD and especially my research over the next two months. – PhD student”
  • “Excellent, constructive, helpful in every way. Somehow making time for this course has really paid off.”
  • “A very useful course.”
  • “What I learnt has improved my life.”
  • “Constructive and thought provoking.”
  • “Very enlightening.”
  • “Easy well rounded course and easy to put into everyday life. Will recommend this course to others.”
  • “Doing an RFL course was the turning point for managing my stress and health condition better.”
  • “Very informative and enabled handling of stress.”
  • “I only wish I had done your course earlier. I really feel it has equipped me for life. I've passed on your name to many of my UK contacts should they ever need it.”
  • “After years of injury problems and chronic pain, my pain had gone before the end of the course. Now I rarely get injury flare ups and if I do then my recovery is far quicker. Pain is no longer a problem. RFL gave me back my life.”
  • “I’ve used the techniques to help others too, including someone having a panic attack.”