What We Do

What we do

Mission Statement:

"To be the market leader in wellness, teaching simple and effective techniques
to alleviate stress and anxiety and give balance back to busy lives."

Relaxation for Living has been in existence for more than 35 years. We aim to help people with relaxation, stress and anxiety, either through our teacher training programme, our business programme, our short courses for clients, or our DVD and CD products.

We train suitable individuals to help people suffering the symptoms of stress, anxiety and mild depression.

We run short courses and workshops directly or through our licensed teachers.

We can show you how to ….

  • Get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of fear and anxiety
  • Relax the tense muscles in your body
  • Calm your breathing
  • And move forward with confidence

Did you know ….?

  • It’s impossible to be anxious and have relaxed muscles at the same time, so learning how to relax your muscles will make you less anxious
  • Learning how to relax makes it easier to cope with everyday situations and helps you to be more confident and effective with those around you
  • It repairs the damage done to your body by prolonged tension and anxiety and can reduce the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke by reducing your blood pressure
  • It allows your immune system to recover and function more effectively
  • You can learn how to get rid of headaches without taking pills

So you can .…

  • Build up a reserve of energy
  • Regain control of your life
  • Sleep better
  • Feel better
  • Be the real YOU !

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