The first Relaxation for Living was started in 1972 by Amber Lloyd, whose husband had had a heart attack and had been told to learn how to relax. Spurred on by his illness and eventual death, Amber and a few of her National Childbirth Trust colleagues began to train a group in the art of teaching men, women and children how to relax and develop effective strategies to prevent and overcome the negative effects of stress in their everyday lives.

The training programme was based on the work of Jane Madders, Laura Mitchell and Dr Claire Weekes.

By 1993 Relaxation for Living was a highly successful charity with a network of fully trained teachers running classes for thousands of people all over the country. Advice on relaxation and coping with stress and anxiety appeared every day in national newspapers and magazines, on radio and television.

In 1998 the charity's name was changed to The Stress Management Training Institute and it moved to the Isle of Wight, where residential training courses were run.

Eventually the charity was wound up and in 2007 the new Relaxation for Living was created under the control of Relaxation for Living Limited.

Adaptations to the original course were made by Alicia Ridout on behalf of Relaxation for Living Ltd, with a new series of products and training courses to cope with the ever-increasing demands that stress and anxiety are making on us all.

Client courses in recent years have also been marketed as The Amber Courses.

In 2010 Hazel Bate, a long standing user and practitioner of RfL took over the company under Relaxation for Living & More Ltd. The name has been adjusted to reflect that we do far more than help people with relaxation, we also show them practical and effective techniques to help with stress and anxiety.

Hazel's comment as director:

 "I am proud to take over and build on the respected work of Relaxation for Living. My vision is to continue training practitioners and teachers so that we meet the needs of people wanting help to relax or manage stress and anxiety. I would like to see RfL practitioners present throughout the country, at alternative health centres and elsewhere for people to come to for self help. Time and again I hear previous clients say the RfL course was the turning point in managing their stress and their own health situation better. RfL teaches you "Life Skills" you never lose."