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  • Distance Learning


Questions:   Can I do your course by distance learning?

How does your course compare to distance learning?


We only use a small amount of distance learning which involves reading, learning, research and coursework to help trainees prepare for the main training weekend.

We firmly believe face to face learning is vital so that you can see practical demonstrations of how to teach clients the concepts we use in practise, to enable you to ask questions and to do some real practise.

We also see face to face training as important, so we can assess that you have understood the concepts and have the ability to teach the courses to your clients. We want to make sure that anyone teaching the RFL method of Relaxation and Stress Management to clients is of a competent standard.

Complimentary Health organisations often won’t recognise distance learning training, and similarly reputable Holistic Insurance companies often don’t recognise or insure therapies with purely distance learning.